How It Works

Below is a link to a short video explaining how we turn your images into wallpaper..


  • *Simply upload your image onto the 'wallpaper previewer', measure your walls; and see how your wallpaper will look 'in situ' with door frames, windows etc
  • *Once you are happy with your wallpaper design - follow the instructions on the software and 'submit your wallpaper design to us!
  • *Using the 'Order Print' button; you can notify us of whether you require the wallpaper within 7 working days OR a 48HR turnaround
  • *Once youve submitted your wallpaper to us - we will send you an invoice that you can pay online via Paypal

*We will only start printing once you have sent us payment and we're confident the image is suitable


After Something Even More Unique?

If you dont have an image you wish to use - we have a Graphic Design team at hand and a library of images.. but this fully bespoke service will be 'at cost to the customer'.

Concerns Over Image Quality?

Click here to find out how we can get around 'smaller/low resolution images'

Prefer To Call Or Email Us?

Not a problem - just email us at: info@mogulink.com OR call us now on: 01926 754008



If you are after a fully bespoke wallpaper; we can do this too! Over the years our Graphic Design Team have designed hundreds of wallpapers for both commercial and domestic clients!

Whether you are after a 'sea theme' for the bathroom OR 'A Jungle Safari' for the kids bedroom - we can cater to all!

We have hundreds of stock images available or you can send us you own content and discuss your designs over the phone or in person. We have everything at hand to get your dream design complete!

We charge £25 per 'fully intensive' Graphic Design Hour - with no tea breaks!

Email Us: info@mogulink.com OR Call On: 01926 754008


Fitting Guide

NEW BUILD WALLS OR FIRST TIME SMOOTH WALLS: If you are looking to wallpaper a new plasterboard or brick wall you must ensure that the wall surface is smooth; it is recomended that you 'skim the wall' in a layer of thin plaster in this scenario

FILLING CRACKS AND IMPERFECTIONS: If you have any really noticable cracks, scrapes and dents in the wall its worth while filling them in with 'smooth filler' - you can take the risk but the wallpaper will only be as smooth as the wall you are putting it onto! OUR WALLPAPERS ARE THICKER THAN MOST OF THE SHELF WALLPAPERS - THIS SHOULD SAVE YOU TIME AT THIS STAGE

SEALING THE WALL: Now dependant on your wallpaper paste chosen - it might be advantageous to seal the wall in PVA or a quick thin coat of paint. Walls by their very nature tend to be porous and wanting to 'breathe' - by sealing the wall you are making the wall more 'tacky and sticky' (just right for wallpaper paste) the more heavy duty the wallpaper paste the more aggresive and 'sticky' it will be

WALLPAPER PASTING: As advised in the step above; a strong 'heavy duty wallpaper paste' would be ideal for our wallpapers as they are strong and rhobust. Either paste the wall or the paper its up to you - mainly for space issues we would suggest paste the wall (but if you choose to paste the wall - make sure you apply a nice thick coat)

INSTALLING: Before placing your wallpaper onto the wall - please remember that 'not all walls, ceilings and floors are straight' - sometimes a buildings age, maintainance or 'not quite perfect' building works might result in walls being 100% true so doubt count on your wallpaper starting in the corner of your wall. We would suggest overlapping the wall slightly (THIS WILL HAVE BEEN ALLOWED FOR WHEN WE PRINT AS PART OF THE 'BLEED') When applying the wallpaper to the wall use a sponge or a squeegue to smooth out any lumps or creases and overlap the wallpaper 'drops' as per the photograph. Its upto you whether you want to leave the overlap on the wallpaper or trim it off.

TRIMMING OVERLAP IF REQUIRED: You shouldnt have to do this stage if you have bought a good wallpaper paste; BUT.. if you are after a really smart professional finish... Use a long straight edge (preferably a metal cutting edge/ruler) place this in the centre of the overlap and cut down the middle of the overlap vertically all the way down with a sharp knife / blade such as a stanley knife. Peel back the top layer of the overlap and remove the thin slither of the overlap behind (as per photograph) - smooth the total length of the joins and hopefully you should have a lovely clean finish. (practice makes perfect - and we will send you some offcuts to practice with if you like - just email us)

TRIMMING: Trim all awkward wallpaper excesses carefully - ensuring you dont cut off more than you need - trying to fold wallpaper behind items such as radiators - where necessary ask a qualified or competant electrician to remove or loosen fixtures and fittings such as light switches and refit after wallpaper for a really professional finish. If you have struggled a bit with trimming the wallpaper in certain areas this can be disguised with sealants such as decorators caulk or waterbased sealants - DO NOT USE SOLVENT BASED SEALANTS ON WALLPAPERS - THIS MAY DE-FACE THE WALLPAPER

Email Us: info@mogulink.com OR Call On: 01926 754008



You can also collect direct from our factory at Southam, West Midlands

Email Us: info@mogulink.com OR Call On: 01926 754008



'Being Green' isnt always easy in the print industry - but we have some rather advanced printers that are 'solvent free' and yet just as tough as a solvent or UV print! - we use latex inks in conjunction with Hewlett-Packard as we aim to deliver odour free, non toxic prints that are ready to apply as soon as they're off the production line - no curing over night! AND no funny smells!

Our ability to print with latex means that our product is ideal for Hospitals, Childrens playrooms etc as there is no toxins or aggresive inks used in our proceess unlike many other 'off the shelf suppliers' - and our wallpaper is entirely odour free!

To find out more about our printing technology please click the link here that will explain all

Email Us: info@mogulink.com OR Call On: 01926 754008


Our Tough Wallpaper

To our knowledge - Our 'Grilled' wallpaper; is the most durable wallpaper on the market - we have been to both European and US print shows in order to find tougher - but so far.. we have the toughest stuff on the market

Dont just take our word for it - click here to watch our video that proves how scratch resistant our tough wallpaper is

For Samples:

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Wallpapering Accessories:

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To see a promotional clip of our large volume / tough wallpaper printer: please click here









See how tough our wallpaper is - click here to watch our video that proves how scratch resistant our tough wallpaper is